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In spring 2015, a new product that protects your hair during bleaching conquered the market and makes many things possible that were previously precarious. OLAPLEX® finally makes it possible to repair hair from the inside out, and thus enables to exceed limits, for example, even when coloring very dark hair, to create a distinct blonde without damaging the hair. Used as an intensive treatment, the new active ingredient manages to restore heavily damaged hair as if it had never been chemically treated, restoring it as far as possible to its original state. The innovation originating from the USA, allows during hair dyeing (especially when bleaching) to strengthen the hair and make it healthier. The results are sensational. The damage in the hair is not covered with smoothing substances, which additionally weigh down and soften, but for the first time actually permanently repaired. OLAPLEX® is free of silicones, sulfates, phthalates, DEA, aldehydes and gluten and is also free of animal testing. Any allergic reactions are not known of so far. The active ingredient in OLAPLEX® does not originally come from the cosmetics sector, but from medical research. It manages to replace the sulfur-disulfide bridges inside the hair, which are mainly responsible for the strength, substance and bounce in healthy hair and which dissolve with every chemical treatment, especially when bleaching, coloring and reshaping, but also when treating the hair with too much heat. This can lead in extreme cases to hair breakage, which is why, very often with larger color jumps from dark to light, the coloring process must be stopped prematurely and does not achieve the desired color goal. If for example a distinct blond is desired but the color remains stuck in the yellow-orange range and will often also looks strained. With the hairdresser-exclusive OLAPLEX® all this is now possible, and the hair condition afterwards is even better than before.

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