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The wedding, the big day... If you want to enjoy the wedding day without worrying, you need to plan - therefore also your hairstyle and make-up. We offer this service with a lot of experience and competence. We can arrange a consultation and a trial run in advance, where the hairstyle and the make-up will be adjusted to all your wishes.

Information, that is very helpful to us:

Picture of the dress, hair and body jewelry.
Wish: Think about what you like and what you definitely do not want. Search for pictures on the internet, print them out and bring them with you.

The consultation and a trial run in advance are not mandatory. If you trust in our work, you can be sure not to be disappointed.
Very important: Getting married is in trend. Saturday appointments are going

away pretty fast! 

We do not offer out-of-town visits for organizational reasons.


Main trial run: hairstyle and make-up: CHF 250.-

Wedding day: hairstyle and make-up: CHF 250.-

Total: CHF 500.-

Only hairstyle on wedding day or trial day: CHF 150.-
Only make-up on wedding day or rehearsal day: CHF 100.-

Further information can be provided to you over the phone. In a conversation it will be easier to determine the price.

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